Why should I buy from the Blue Rock outlet store?

Blue Rock holds an inventory of good quality Lylax and Serta products, both of which have received several awards and credentials over the years.

What is the difference between a Blue Rock bed and the same brands (Lylax & Serta) in other stores?

Blue Rock beds are brand new. But to avoid wastage (obsolescence costs), we use our end of range fabric to make our beds. So you are still buying a good quality product, but not necessarily the latest ticking.

Can I buy online or telephonically from the Blue Rock store?

Yes, you can. International trends show that up to 53% of bed sales are now on-line, and in South Africa, we are following that trend. The most important factor when buying online is to buy a trusted brand, and you can only benefit from buying our Lylax and Serta brands.

Can I buy from Blue Rock on Credit?

Yes, you can. Follow our credit application process online for credit over 18 months.

Is it safe for me to transact online?

Yes, we use Payfast, which is a secure payment gateway.

How much is my delivery fee?

All online sales from Blue Rock is free within a 50km radius from our store. Our delivery fees are low when compared to other players in the market. It is dependent on your location and your spend.